We carry out a large range of leak detection work from smaller issues such as a leaking tap or issues with your toilet cistern, to full replacements as well as repairs to your hot and cold water storage tanks.

Our supplies and materials are all stocked up in our vans to ensure that everything required for the job is at hand and readily available. This ensures that the majority of repair or replacement for all taps, toilets, showers and pipe work so the fix can be done immediately, properly and efficiently.

90% of the faulty parts can usually be repaired so this can save you lots of money in materials, whether this is a tap, shower or toilet part!

We can also carry out many central heating works from issues with radiator leaks through to full central heating system replacement at competitive prices.

Our Methods

Acoustic Testing

Using this equipment, we can pin point the smallest of leaks on pipe work internally or externally.

Thermal Imaging

With our thermal imaging cameras, we can locate the routes that pipe work takes within concrete and pick up anomalies on hot or cold feeds, which can indicate a leak and water pooling.

Tracer Gas Surveys

Our tracer gas is inserted into central heating pipe work, hot or cold feeds or incoming water supplies. In conjunction with our specialised gas analyser, we can locate the gas escaping through concrete or tile grouting, tarmac and grass, near enough any covering. This also can help us home in on a leak in conjunction with our ground microphones. The gas escapes 10x louder than water and can be heard more easily.

The gas we use is 100% safe, non-flammable nor intoxicating and renewable!

Salts Testing

Certain salts, nitrates and chlorides are left behind when soil water evaporates (rising damp) on surface of walls. If chlorides and nitrates are present in the stonework or plaster it may indicate rising damp.

How does our equipment work?

Acoustic Testing

Ultrasonic leak detection is a method of pipeline leak detection that uses a directional hydrophone that ‘listens’ for ultrasounds generated by leaking fluids passing through a pipe under pressure.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging offers a fast way to scan large areas quickly for signs of a water leak. The equipment detects small differences in temperature behind walls or other solid objects, which are shown on a monitor. Thermal imaging is a non-invasive leak detection method, meaning it does not cause additional damage to your home.

Tracer Gas Surveys

Tracer gas is used to find the leaks in all the pipelines. This is a unique technique in which pressure test is employed using a Tracer Gas. This is carried out by the pipeline to be inspected is isolated from other sections and Tracer Gas is injected into the pipelines. The pipeline is pressurised to a certain value of pressure and pressure drop is monitored after that. If a pressure drop appears then the pipeline is scanned using a gas detector for any leaks.