Am I covered by my insurance company for trace and access.

Most home owners polices do cover you for trace and access. £5,000 of cover as standard for leaks inside and outside the home. Often the cost of finding and getting to the leak is covered, but the cost of repairing the pipe itself will not be covered.

What is trace and access insurance?

Trace and Access is a type of cover offered in a home insurance policy. It covers the cost of tracing the source of a water leak, exposing it (so that it can be repaired) and the subsequent damage caused by this process. However, it does not include the repair of the leak.

Does home insurance cover trace?

It’s usually covered by your home insurance buildings policy, but it’s not included on every policy as standard. So you’ll have to check your documents. Trace and access cover won’t always be included as standard on home insurance and levels of cover vary.

What’s trace and access cover? Trace and access refers to the detection and uncovering of a leak in the home. It is usually part of a home insurance buildings policy but is not included on every policy as standard.

Why it is a good idea to have Trace and Access Cover on Your Buildings Insurance Policy.

It helps with the cost of finding a leak and fixing it if it happens in your house, or underground and the buildings insurer will make good the damage after the fault has been found and repaired.

However, if you don’t have trace and access cover they may only cover the damage caused by the original leak, not the damage caused by finding the source of the leak in the first place.