Do I have a leak? How do I recognise if I have a leak?

Heating system losing pressure.

Pressure relief pipe.

Is your combination boiler or pressurised heating system losing pressure? If so, then there may be a simple cause of this!

You should have a small 15mm copper pipe that comes through the wall to the exterior of the property. This is called the pressure relief pipe. If this is dripping, then this is likely to be the cause of the pressure loss.

This can be caused by the expansion vessel within the boiler not holding its pressure and needs re-pressurising, or a replacement of the pressure relief valve.

A plumbing / heating engineer will be required to repair these issues.

To check this, you need to make sure the heating is cold and hasn’t been in use for a few hours. If water is constantly coming from here, then the heat exchanger within the boiler has split / failed and will require replacing.

If none of the above are apparent, then the likelihood is that you have a leak. WE CAN HELP WITH ALL THE ABOVE ISSUES.

Water meter spinning or high-water bill:

If you have had a high-water bill or your water meter is constantly spinning with nothing on within the house, then a few simple checks can be made and one of the following could be the cause.

Overflowing loft tanks or toilets.

Dripping taps / showers.

Make sure no taps or showers within the property are slightly running or dripping and no washing machines or dishwashers are in use and check meter again for movement.