Leak located on the internal cold feed

Hallway where the leak was discovered

Moisture profiling which shows high levels of moisture within the floor

Thermal imaging carried out showing thermal cooling and anomalies

Pressure loss indicating a leak

Tracer gas located coming from the bathroom and hall floor

Excavated to location of the leak

Hole in pipework which was caused by a screw

Water damage to the lounge and hallway wall

Heating pipework in hallway shows signs of previous water escape

Heating pressure static, 1 bar on arrival

No sign of any water escape from

Thermoplastic tiles present below hardwood floor

Heating drained down

Tracer gas connected

Gas entered into heating system between 0.5-1 bar pressure

We use the following equipment to find a leak on the main cold supply was Tracer gas and Electronic listening devices.

This enabled us to locate and cut and capping via excavation.

We aim to carry out the locating of the leak on the day along with the excavation / repair and re-instatement on site.

If we do find the leak to be in an area that is not accessible, then we can re-route your supply via impact MOLING.